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Asktra is a 3 in 1 dynamo AI tool for small business owners, a one-question customer SURVEY, a vast ACADEMY of growth and management insights, and an online BUSINESS COACH, all in one efficient package.

Quickly gauge customer satisfaction with one simple digital question, ignite growth with an array of practical micro lessons, and gain insights from AI chatbot business coach Phil.

Want small business growth, but have limited time?

Before Asktra

“I want to grow my business but don’t have the time!”

80% of small business owners say lack of time is a challenge for them.

With Asktra

“Now, I have easy access to tools and ideas for growth, in small chewable bites.”

See instant SURVEY responses. Turn happy customers into referral machines. Then enlist the ASKTRA ACADEMY for growing and managing your small business, and use BUSINESS COACH Phil your AI chatbot. 

We’re a small business, is this techie?

“It’s as simple as sending emails or texts and using social media.”

Nothing to set up. It’s easy. Be ready to begin in seconds.

SURVEY: One Question Ask

“Hi Elaine. I am committed to your satisfaction. Can you take a few seconds to answer this one-question survey? Thanks, Phil”

ACADEMY: Skills Center

Explore 300+ micro lessons for your small business. Choose what interests you, learn it, and put it to work.


Meet Phil, your always-on AI chatbot coach, brimming with insights for growing and managing your small business effectively.

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Per Month, Paid Annually

ASKTRA Small Business Edition


Together, We’ll Seize This Opportunity to Grow Your Small Business

Hey there! At ReferralSafe, we started in 2016 because we truly believe in the power of small businesses. Like you, we run our own small business, so we understand the challenges and joys that come with it.

Do you know how big companies always seem to have access to the best technology, consultants, and content to drive their growth? Well, we think that what’s good for them is even better for Main Street

That’s why we created ASKTRA—you have your own customer SURVEY, ACADEMY, and BUSINESS COACH all rolled into one.

We bring corporate boardroom insights and tools to Main Street. Built by small business owners FOR small business owners. 

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