Can client events be introduction Oppourtunities?

Hey Phil, This year our firm is hosting a number of client events. Can we turn these into referral opportunities? – Elaine, Maryland

Hi Elaine, Events to update clients on the news impacting them is introduction gold. Social events work too. Here’s how to do it.

1. Do you track the clients who have introduced you to referrals in the past? Have they been the types of leads that you clamor for? Make a list containing the client names.

2. Reach out to these clients (calling is better but emails are OK). Thank them for their previous introductions to folks who have benefited from your help and specialty. This is an ideal time to share with them who benefits the most from your expertise.

Then state this:

“If you know someone else who could benefit from our help and specialization, please bring them to our Workshop (fill in the date and location). We are only offering a small and select group the opportunity to bring a special guest. We won’t put a hard sell on them, we only request a simple introduction during this fun event.”     

3. Make time while addressing all attendees to thank your special guests. During the event be sure to privately recognize and thank your client for their attendance and for bringing their guest. Introduce their guest to various members of your team. Also introduce their guest to other clients (if this feels appropriate).

4. Follow-up with thank you notes to the client and their guest. Then reach out to the guest to see if they’d like to meet for coffee.

Elaine, you’ll be pleased with the outcome of this process.

Have a great day, Phil

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