Guest Blogging. What should I know?

Hello Phil, What should I consider before asking a blogger to publish my guest post? – Mike, New York

Hi, Mike, Excellent! Financial advisors should do this regularly. Informative guest blogging positions you in front of blog readers and beyond with backlinks, post sharing, SEO, speaking opportunities, quotes, etc.

Here are suggestions to contemplate.

1. Target the Right Ones

Ask existing clients (those who benefit most from your help) what they read. Consider blogs geared toward affinity groups like professions and life stages.

2. Know the Content

With target blogs for guest posting identified, now, get to know them. See the content they post—and how it’s written, who the audience is, and if they allow guest posting.

3. Don’t Be a Stranger

Before reaching out to the blogger for guest posting, get yourself known. Where appropriate, comment on recent posts they made. Share their posts on social media.

4. Topic Choice

Identify the most popular recent blog topics. Now, consider similar post topics, but with your added value. Last, read and adhere to their blog guidelines.

While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, these will get you on track. Let us know how it goes.

Have a great day, Phil

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