Can We Take the “Ugh” Out of Sale?

Hello Phil,

Growing our firm is a top priority, yet most of our advisors don’t like selling. What should we do?

– Dennis, Chicago

Hi Dennis,

Don’t feel alone. Many financial advisors would do almost anything other than (gasp) sell, yet they desire new clients. Conversely, most people love to buy things (but don’t like being sold). A conundrum? Indeed.

Advisors should consider:

  1. Selling is educating prospective clients on how to get what “they” want — thinking of selling as “coaching” or “mentoring” softens the awkwardness of sales. The outcome of the sales process is decided by the potential customer (unless they aren’t a good fit for your firm). Your job is to share knowledge, so they get what they want.
  2. Advisors should understand: Listening beats talking. Want to know what prospective clients are thinking? Ask questions and listen. Many successful sales professionals do not fit the backslapping, outgoing sales stereotype. Process-driven, detail-oriented, analytical introverts are just as effective.

I’m an introvert myself but also understand the role selling plays in achieving growth.  Let us know how it goes.

Have a great day,


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