Ahoy ! Small business owners wear many hats! The LEADERSHIP COLLECTION (192) covers a variety of key owner areas: Awareness, Business, Finance, HR, Referrals, Risk & Security, Sales, Surveys, and Insights. Lots to learn and use!

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Welcome to the Leadership Collection: AudioPDF
Leadership Defined: Audio, PDF

Insights: A Thought on Why…
Insights: Rolling Out ASKTRA
Insights: 100 Best Sales Tips: Audioepub, PDF
Insights: 52 Weekly Tips: AudioPDF
Insights: 25 Owner Topics & Examples: Audio, PDF (9 pages) 
Insights: Actionable Idea Tips
Insights: AI Prompt Writing Audio, PDF (9 pages)
Insights: Business Coach Phil AudioPDF
Insights: Culture of Learning
Insights: Never Stop Learning
Awareness: A Look at Small Business Pillars
Awareness: A Start to Your Day
Awareness: Active Listening
Awareness: Be a Great Listener

Awareness: Can I Get Rich
Awareness: Motivation
Awareness: Secrets You Should Know
Business: Adding a Partner
Business: Bring in an Investor
Business: Business Name
Business: Business Plan
Business: Business Plan (Sample)
Business: Buying Another Small Business
Business: Every Business Owner Should…
Business: How to Incorporate
Business: Increase Revenue
Business: Measuring Performance
Business: Merging Two Small Businesses
Business: New Location
Business: Nine Tips for Small Businesses
Business: One Thing, Two Really
Business: Podcasting as a Guest
Business: Podcast Interviewee Tips
Business: Podcast Interviewer Tips
Business: Prices Are Too Low?
Business: Prices Are Too High?
Business: Rewards of a Small Business
Business: Secrets for Growing a Business
Business: Reading Material
Business: Selling the Business
Business: Sole Prop or LLC
Business: Startup Guide
Business: Valuing Your Business
Business: What Kills a Small Business
Business: When Phil Sold His Business
Business: When Phil Started with SCORE
Business: Who Sells Better
Challenges: Challenges & Solutions Audio, PDF (12 pages)
Challenges: Challenges List
Challenges: Competition
Challenges: Competitor Challenges
Challenges: Create New Products
Challenges: Dealing with an Angry Customer
Challenges: Decreased Demand
Challenges: Do I Need a Salesperson
Challenges: Does My Business Name Matter?
Challenges: Do’s of a Small Business
Challenges: Don’ts of a Small Business
Fundamentals: Elements of Management Audio, PDF (9 pages)
Fundamentals: Every Business Owner Should…
Fundamentals: Examples of Sales Training
Fundamentals: Expand My Business
Fundamentals: Five Reasons for Failure
Fundamentals: Fundamentals:  Five Reasons for Success
Fundamentals: Fulltime or Side Gig
Fundamentals: Hobby?
Fundamentals: SCORE
Fundamentals: Script Client Event Welcome
Fundamentals: Sell or Manage
Fundamentals: Slides
Fundamentals: Spreadsheets
Fundamentals: Supply Chain Issues
Finance: ABCs of Business Loans
Finance: Alternative Lending Sources
Finance: Bonus Plans
Finance: Cash Flow
Finance: Cash Flow Guide: AudioPDF

Finance: Cash Flow Facts: AudioPDF
Finance: Cash Flow Statement: AudioPDF
Finance: Cash Flow Statement Example: AudioPDF
Finance: Cash Flow Forecasting: Audio,PDF
Finance: Cash Flow Forecasting Build: AudioPDF
Finance: Cash or Accrual Accounting
Finance: Discount Prices
Finance: Financial Statements
Finance: Grant Money
Finance: Incentives
Finance: Invoice Financing
Finance: Liabilities
Finance: Math to Know

Finance: Payment Software
Finance: Payroll Insight
Finance: Profitability
Finance: Rising Interest Rates
Finance: Taking Out an SBA Loan

HR: Employees’ First Day
HR: Employee Handbook (Sample)
Firing Family Member
HR: Hiring a Bookkeeper
HR: Hiring a Business Coach
HR: Hiring a Consultant
HR: Hiring a Family Member
HR: Hiring an Intern
HR: Hiring Great Salespeople
HR: Hiring a Lawyer
HR: Hiring a Salesperson
HR: Hiring a Sales Manager
HR: Hiring Challenges
HR: Hiring Your First Employee
HR: Hiring on Upwork 
HR: Interviewing for Soft Skills
Job Posting
Promoting Employees
Why Employees Leave
Insights: How Are We Doing?
Insights: How Phil Grew His Small Business AudioPDF (7 pages)
Insights: How to Use Guide
Insights: Importance of Small Businesses
Insights: Inflation
Insights: Learning Process
Insights: Meet, Track, Measure
Referrals: Beyond the Survey
Referrals: Centers of Influence
Referrals: Collecting Referral FAQ
Referrals: How Referrals Happen
Referrals: Follow-up AudioPDF (3 pages)
Referrals: Meeting a New Influencer
Referrals: Mining the Gold of Survey Results
Referrals: Program Nuts & Bolts AudioPDF ( 6 pages)
Referrals: Program Plan Outline
Referrals: Referral Page (HTML)
Referrals: Tracker XLS
Referrals: What To Know About Referrals…
Referrals: What Stands Between…
Risk & Security: Risk Types
Risk & Security: Cyber
Risk & Security: FAQ (Risk)
Risk & Security: FAQ (Security)
Risk & Security: Threats
Sales: After the Sale
Sales: Be a Salesperson?
Sales: C
losing the Sale
Sales: Compensation Plans
Sales: Habits to Break
Sales: Myths
Sales: Meeting Agenda (internal)
Moderating a Roundtable
Performance Improvement Plan
Plan Insights: AudioPDF (12 pages)
Plan Details
Sales: Plan Example
Principle Selling Techniques
Sales: Prizes
Sales: Prospecting Workshop I
Sales: Prospecting Workshop II
Sales: O
ne Hundred Best Sales Tips
Sales: Script
Sales: Selling Amazon 
Sales: Six Quick Sales Tips
Sales: Seven Quick Tips for Sales
Sales: Secrets
Sales: Salespeople Who Always Discount
Sales: Salespeople Needing Closing Skills
Sales: Sales Call Agenda (with prospects)
Training New Sales People
Who Sells Better
Worst Habits for Salespeople
Surveys: Golden Tips for More Responses
Surveys: How Often to Share Surveys
Surveys: Hyperlink Personal Survey Link in Gmail
Surveys: Improve Low Survey Scores
Surveys: One Question Examples
Surveys: One Question Survey
Surveys: Track Survey Results
Surveys: When to Share Survey Request
Insights: Team Building
Insight: Ted Talk I
Insight: Ted Talk II
Insight: Thriving on a Budget: Audio, PDF (6 pages)
Insight: Titles. Do They Matter?
Insight: Tools for Running a Business
Insight: Top 10 Success Attributes
Insight: Training Employees
Insight: Transition Yourself I
Insight: Transition Yourself II
Insight: Transition Yourself III
Insight: Using ChatGPT
Insight: Volunteering
Insights: Working from Home
Insights: Workflows
Insights: Zoom Meetings

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