Hey ! Marketing is a really big (and misunderstood) key to your success. The MARKETING COLLECTION (86) covers a variety of key areas: Communicate, Engage, Fundamentals, Outreach, Referrals, Surveys, and Insights tell how to win at it!

Welcome to the Marketing Collection: Audio, PDF
Marketing Defined: Audio, PDF

Communicate: AI Prompt Writing Audio, PDF (9 pages)
Communicate: Create an Infographic
Communicate: Create an 800 Phone Number
Communicate: Join a Lead Club
Communicate: Placed Articles
Communicate: Podcasting as a Guest
Communicate: Podcast Interviewee Tips
Communicate: Podcast Interviewer Tips
Communicate: Press Releases
Communicate: Radio Ad Copy
Communicate: Radio Ads: Effective?
Communicate: Promote Your Business
Communicate: Slides
Communicate: Text to Voice
Communicate: Weekend Reading Email Program
Communications: Zoom Meetings
Engage: Business Coach Phil: AudioPDF
Engage: Client Ambassador Program
Engage: Contests
Engage: Create a YouTube Channel
Engage: Customer Gifts
Engage: How Are We Doing?
Engage: Local Events
Engage: Lunch & Learn
Engage: Moderating a Roundtable
Engage: Prospecting Workshop I
Engage: Prospecting Workshop II
Engage: Shopify
Engage: Storytelling
Engage: Targets
Engage: Trade Shows
Fundamentals: A Thought on Why…
Fundamentals: Bad Social Media Reviews
Fundamentals: Branding
Fundamentals: Challenges & Solutions: Audio, PDF (12 pages)
Fundamentals: Competition
Fundamentals: Competitor Challenges
Fundamentals: Create New Products
Fundamentals: Digital Marketing Plan
Fundementals: LinkedIn
Fundamentals: Marketing Mistakes
Fundamentals: Mission of Marketing
Fundamentals: Prices Are Too Low?
Fundamentals: Prices Are Too High?
Fundamentals: Reading Material
Fundamentals: Show Appreciation
Fundamentals: Social Media
Fundamentals: Testimonials
Fundamentals: Value Exchange
Insights: Actionable Idea Tips
Insights: How to Use Guide
Insights: Learning Process
Insights: One Thing, Two Really
Insights: Phil’s Poem
Insights: Rolling Out ASKTRA
Insights: Sales & Marketing Differences
Insights: Thriving on a Budget Audio, PDF (6 pages)
Insights: Workflows
Insights: Using ChatGPT
Outreach: Advertising
Outreach: Amazon
Outreach: Benefits of Linkedin
Outreach: eBook (selling)
Outreach: eBook (writing)
Outreach: Newsletter Example
Outreach: Paid Search
Outreach: Partnerships

Referrals: How Referrals Happen
Referrals: Mining the Gold of Survey Results
Referrals: Referral Collecting FAQ
Referrals: Referral Program Nuts & Bolts Audio, PDF ( 6 pages)
Referrals: Referral Program Plan Outline
Referrals: Referral Page (HTML)
Referrals: What Stands Between…
Referrals: What To Know About Referrals…
Referrals: Word of Mouth Marketing
Surveys: Golden Tips for More Responses
Surveys: How Often to Share Surveys
Surveys: Hyperlink Personal Survey Link in Gmail
Surveys: Improve Low Survey Scores
Surveys: One Question Examples
Surveys: One Question Survey
Surveys: QR Code
Surveys: Track Survey Results
Survey: When to Share Survey Request

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